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Cornelius Dwyer Kane

(How to pronounce his name)

Talking Wine Label】The Character of 19 Crimes The Uprising Red Wine (Aged 30 Days in Rum Barrels)

AUTHOR: 1858Wines.com

UPDATED: 2018-07-24

The most commonly told story holds that the “Rum Rebellion” happened because governor William Bligh attempted to stop the illegal rum trade that was controlled by the local militia.

Rum was used as a form of currency in Australia in the early 1800’s, that’s an idea worth pursuing. While the Governor was the designated ruler of the convict colony, in reality the New South Wales Corps, the military arm, ruled the roost. As traditional money like notes and coins was in short supply, a barter system was invented which was run by the Corps. People were paid and traded in Rum. Rum was a great form of currency.

A new governor William Bligh was appointed who didn’t take to rum being used for trade. He tried to stop the use of Rum as a currency. And consequently it was overthrown by the Rum Corp on January 26th 1808 in Australia’s first and only military coup.

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Amazing Augmented Reality App Brings 19 Crimes The Uprising Red Wine 2017 (Aged 30 Days In Rum Barrels) Label To Life

The true story behind Cornelius Dwyer Kane 19 Crimes The Uprising Red Wine 2017 (Aged 30 Days In Rum Barrels) bottle.

What Did He Say ? (Talking Label Experience)
"As an Irish man, I was bound to join in a combination which was banded together for the good of Ireland not for an assassination in plunder as has falsely asserted. To the judge I said I have only one request to make, I ask you simply to pass sentence and give me nothing in a shape of advice or lecture. For I assure you it would be lost upon me."

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